24 Hour Emergency Service for All of RI!

Did you know what almost 25,000 people were treated for Carbon Monoxide poisoning last year? With winter being here whether you burn solid fuels or use a heating appliance it is very important to keep your chimney’s swept and inspected. Unfortunately, sometimes you can still run into problems from a simple clog to a collapse of your flue tiles or a masonry issue. Since your chimney’s are responsible for moving all those costic chemicals and poisonous gasses to the outside world where it can be safely dissolved. 24 Hour Service is juts a phone call away!

24 Hour Chimney Blockage Removal

During the cold season there are animals looking for a warm place to stay, sticks, leaves or other debris can easily become stuck in your flue causing smoke or the fumes to backup into the home. Chimney Champs offers 24 hour service in case of emergencies! If this happens you should call a chimney professional immediately, 401-209-8063 is the RI Chimney Champs Phone number, we service all counties of RI;

  • Bristol County
  • Kent County
  • Newport County
  • Providence County
  • Washington County

If you live in either NH or CT we offer 24 hour service please click the state to get to the appropriate information.

Flue Lining Damage

When a masonry chimney is built the it has it terracotta flue tiles on the inside. These flue tiles should be smooth and have no gaps so it can act like a straw. If your flue tiles become delaminated then your chimney is no longer able to properly move all the gasses and soot outside. If these dangerous gasses are not being properly removed that means it could be staying in your home.

Chimney Champs are certified chimney professionals, and well trained on NFPA fire safety code . Our main goal is to keep your family and home safe

Rhode Island Chimney Repair

Mark Twain once said “If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes.” Such fast-changing weather conditions can cause real strain on chimneys and other masonry, as even the toughest stone gets worn down when constantly exposed to the elements. A damaged or rain-weathered chimney puts an entire home at risk: water damage, falling pieces of masonry, and wild animals seeking shelter inside are just a few of the concerns that can turn into serious safety issues for your home. Regular maintenance by certified chimney professionals is much smarter and safer than hoping a problem doesn’t become serious, and leaving even minor safety concerns unchecked could cause them to spiral out of control. Potentially needing a chimney demolished and entirely rebuilt from scratch is a headache that no homeowner should experience.

Even if a chimney looks fine on the outside, internal wear, damage, and residue buildup remains a concern for anyone who regularly uses their chimney. An improperly lined chimney, or one with a proper lining that isn’t given the recommended annual inspection, can be a serious fire hazard. If that weren’t enough, uncertified or unprofessional chimney sweeps can be more of a hindrance than help; lack of industry-standard thoroughness in inspection can lead to spending money on “workers” who are more concerned with getting in and out quickly, rather than making sure that every part of your chimney is functioning acceptably.

Whether the issue is on the outside or inside, big or small, Rhode Island homeowners from Westerly to Providence put their trust in Chimney Champs for all chimney and masonry-related concerns. We are certified chimney professionals and do our utmost to ensure that everyone we serve is 100 percent satisfied with the quality of the work and especially in the
value we provide. Our masonry repair experts work to the highest industry standards and will make sure the job is done right, from the moment we arrive to the moment the finishing touches are put on your repointing. Liners that are installed and regularly maintained by Chimney Champs are under our true lifetime guarantee, so you can be confident that your fireplace will operate to the highest industry standards into the future.